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Why automate your garage door?

It's easy to put the car away at last! You'll never feel guilty about leaving the car out all night because you were too lazy to do it when you got home.

It's quicker when you're behind time...

  • No more fumbling with locks in the dark

  • No defrosting on cold wintry mornings

  • Don't you just hate scraping ice, fingers numb with cold and your late for that appointment already

  • No more misting up or dew on your windows

  • It's safer too! Drive up and straight in on dark nights

A cleaner car ?

  • Keeps your car cleaner, a significant amount of grime settles on the car whilst it is parked outside - so less washing

  • With a cleaner car you should get less corrosion and so it maintains the value of your car

The thing to ask yourself is, why you haven't automated your garage door already !!

What's it all about?...

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