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What products suit me best?

Here are some things to consider:

If you have an occupied room above your garage you will probably be concerned with the loudness of the operator. DC motors are quieter than AC motors and belt mechanisms are quieter than Chain mechanisms.

Fitting Vibration Isolators to the operator works well in reducing the amount of noise transmitted into the building structure so if you are limited to a Chain drive with AC motor because you need a robust unit, all is not lost. 

Door size and weight
A double width door will generally require a more powerful motor to overcome the greater inertia. Choose an operator with a higher power rating. 

Door performance
If you door doesn't run quite smoothly even when it is in good working order, choose an operator with a higher power rating. 

Space restrictions
You may be limited by the clearance between the door's opening path and the ceiling. Operator tracks vary in thickness from 30mm to 60mm. 

You could also be limited in the total length of the operator, for example, you may have a loft hatch where the motor would normally be positioned. Most operators are a fixed length, however, with some chain drive units it is possible to shorten the track and hence the overall length. 

Size of the remote control
If you would prefer to carry the remote control with you then look out for the operators which include a key fob style remote control. Some operators have these as standard in the kit, other operators require them to be purchased separately.

If you have a canopy door you are restricted to the Cardale Autoglide MkIII.

The easiest way to choose a product is to view our product comparison pages, if you need some advice try completing our detailed questionnaire which will prompt you to take into account all of the main issues that you face and on that basis we can help you choose a product.

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