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Product: Cardale Autoglide MkIII - Gearset replacement

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Product summary:

Customers who have purchased a Cardale Autoglide electric door opener in the past are in trouble!!!  The manufacturer went bust in 2010 and, whilst the brand was purchased by another company, the Autoglide product has been discontinued - worse still no spare parts are available either.

Our solution is to offer replacement mechanics for the canopy door itself - these can either be used to convert the door into a manual door or be used in conjunction with a normal electric opener (for example a Hormann Promatic) to automate it.  This is a Cardale product called a Maximiser retractable gearset.  

The advantage of this kit over others available on the market are:
    1. Smooth door movement (others have jerky movement
         which does not lend itself to automation and can be
         tricky to set up)
    2. Drive through width is not compromised
        - on a 7' high door clear timber to timber width is
          available up to 1200mm
        - on a 6'6" high door clear timber to timber width is
          available up to 1040mm

Cardale Autoglide electric opener
The old Autoglide unit

Things to note:
    1. This kit must be fitted to a timber frame minimum 70mm wide - it cannot be fitted to a steel frame
    2. The door will swing outwards a little further
    3. The door will run backwards in to the garage a little further and fixed tracks will be in place

Key info that we need when you order:
    1. The width and height of the door
    2. The approx weight of the door (we can usually work this out - call)
    3. Ideally email us a digital photo of the back of the door

Take a look at this installed example.



Cardale Maximiser


Light or Heavy (depending on door weight

Maximum door size:

8' x 7' (2438 x 2134mm)

Sideroom clearance required:

60mm on both sides and 50mm to top 


1 year


Glavanised Steel

Supplied kit Includes:
2 x Arms
Spring Set
Horizontal tracks
Weather seals
Fitting and user instructions


Cardale Maximiser Retractable Gearset: 330.00 inc VAT - Free delivery

Optional Steel Plate set (enables mounting of the Maximiser to a door with no plates on the back): 30 inc VAT

Optional Hormann Promatic electric opener with two remotes: 250 inc VAT

To order please call 01342 301811

We offer an installation service for this product in the South East (incl London) - call for prices.

View an installed example