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How does garage door automation work?

All door operators work on the same principal: 

A track is fitted above the centre of your door, fixed at one end to the lintel (or wall above the lintel) and at the other end to the rafters in the ceiling. The motor is located at the end of the track and by way of a chain, screw drive or belt moves a carriage along the track. The carriage is connected to your door or a converter bracket. 

There are three ways to open the door: 

When you are in your car simply touch the remote control. This sends an RF signal to the receiver in the motor housing which will trigger an opening or closing cycle. 

When you want to open the door and are still at home, simply push the wall switch in your house or garage. The electrical impulse triggers an opening or closing cycle.

If there is a power cut or you loose the remote control you can open the door by using the manual release mechanism.

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