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Garage Door Opener Accessories?

The following accessories are available for Liftmaster and Hormann products.

Bow Arm Converter
Side Hinge Door Converter
Emergency Release Device

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Bow Arm Converter - required for Canopy doors

Essential for Canopy Doors (not required for Retractable or Side Hinge Doors). It is fitted to the rear of the door and converts a pulling force from the operator into a lifting force by a series of arms and linkages behind plastic guards. Steel construction.  Not an ideal solution as it reduces the effectiveness of the emergency stop system of the operator.

Price: 100.00 incl. VAT

Side Hinge Door Converter - required for side hinged doors

A pair of extension arms that connect the operator trolley to each leaf of the door to provide an automation solution. Can be converted to either side opening first. Suitable for doors up to 10ft wide.  Supplied with complete fitting instructions for DIY installation. Works best with the Hormann Promatic as the safety reverse can be set to work correctly.  See installed example of the Promatic with a Side Hinge Door Converter. Construction: Steel

Price: 104.00 incl. VAT

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Emergency Release Device - Required for garages with no rear access

A must have for all garages with no rear access. Allows the operators emergency release handle to be pulled from outside the garage in the event of a power cut or motor failure. Brushed finish with chrome faceplate and round barrel key. Anti tamper fixing screws included. Construction: Steel.

Price: 28.00 incl. VAT

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